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Caballero’s art combines the colour and texture of impressionism with the simplicity and childlike curiosity of naive art. Bright, bold colours and fluid brushwork create an ethereal atmosphere and an almost surreal feel. Caballero's paintings often have a whimsical, almost dreamlike quality.

Together with Caballero's celebration of culture, historic places and cities and his surreal sense of humour, his paintings convey emotion and tell a story that is brimming with joy and the beauty of the natural world.


To make affordable happy art accessible, to celebrate history culture and nature and to do this as sustainably and environmentally minded as we can with intent to make this a driving characteristic as we grow as a company


Caballero has always loved to paint people and nature in bright happy colours, capturing the landscape of his childhood in Southern Spain. Paintings that evoke and encapsulate the coastline and mountain ranges of Andalucia, the majestic Rock of Gibraltar and the mesmerizing vistas of Africa that he has seen from his window.

Cabellero spent years studying and working in the U.S, where his love for nature inspired him to spend his free time painting and exploring the woods and mountains of South and North Carolina.

He returned to Europe several decades later, having found his artistic voice and distinctive style and most importantly to him, the profound reward of creating art that brings a touch of happiness into the world.


Our company philosophy is rooted in a profound love for nature and a commitment to preserving and celebrating its beauty for future generations. We specialize in vibrant, nature-inspired art that captures the essence of the environment, the countryside, and the sports that allow us to connect with the great outdoors.

We dream of creating products that not only reflect our natural surroundings but also inspire awareness and appreciation for the world around us. Dedicated to sustainability, we ensure our t-shirt production processes are eco-friendly and work closely with charities to support environmental conservation efforts. Through our art and actions, we strive to foster a deep respect for nature and promote a sustainable future.

Jorge is a truly impassioned individual. With a keen fondness for Mother Nature, a precise eye for beauty, and a striking ability to recreate local landscapes with wistfulness and his own flair, the La Linea raised artist has successfully injected his own painting style into the local art scene…

Nicole Macedo, Gibraltar Magazine

El estudio de Jorge Caballero es algo así como una ventana a un Campo de Gibraltar de ensueño. Un lugar colorido, con sugerentes formas, despojado de lo que molesta a la vista y reforzado con aquello de lo que su gente debe sentirse orgulloso. Esa es la idea de buena parte del arte de este pintor linense¨

Francis Mena, La Calle Real